Monday, May 22 2017
7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
420 W. Ave 33, Unit #10, Los Angeles, CA 90031

In this time of protest, resistance, fear, and uncertainty, we find ourselves coming together in dialogues. There is much debate on social media, many meetings amongst friends, and large-scale overwhelming social gatherings for expressions of solidarity and discontent.

tir talk (3): QUESTIONS, will be a time/space for us to gather in a free-form, intimate, and careful group conversation with the focus on asking questions. This format will be an opportunity to interface, physically, with a gathered community in order to combat the isolationism inflicted by devices, anxiety, and geography. Questions can be practical and impractical, micro and macro, personal, political, problematic, and challenging. Jennifer Moon, Jasmine Nyende, Laub, Shagha Ariannia, and Tracy Jeanne Rosenthal will come prepared with questions for those gathered and to initiate a verbal exchange. We are open to adapting the format and will take time to reflect on what transpires throughout the evening.

Entry: Non-Monetary Donation / Contribution To Pieter's Floor Fund